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School Code : 56132


Admission & Withdrawal

  • The academic session begins from the 1st week of April every year.
  • Registration Form duly filled in and signed by the parents or guardians should be submitted to the school within the stipulated time. At the time of admission, the original birth certificate from the Municipal Corporation along with the photocopy has to be produced. Transfer Certificate from the previous school attended by the candidate should be submitted to the school within one month from the commencement of the session/admission.
  • Registration Form may be downloaded from our school website or the one at the end of the prospectus can be used.
  • Admission to nursery (for candidates who have completed the age of 2 years) to Standard II (for students who have completed 6 years) will be finalized on the basis of performance of the candidates through interview only.
  • Admission for standard III to standard VIII: a written test followed by personal interview will be conducted for admission.
  • Admission of students to class XI (Science/ Commerce/ Humanities): After successful completion of a recognized Class- X Board Examination, admission will be based on the eligibility criteria prescribed by the school. Admission stats in April/May immediately after the Board Exams. Provisional admission may be given to students on the basis of their performance in school examination only on the availability of seats. Please note that provisional admission does not guarantee or give any preferential right to admission in Class XI until the clear pass result is declared by the concerned Class X Board/ Council. No reservation or conditional enrollment is made for students seeking admission.
  • For all classes parents of the candidates will be interviewed.
  • Admission will depend on the availability of seats in each class and the performance of the student in the interview. Canvassing in any form, such as request or recommendation, will not be entertained.
  • The school management reserves the right to decide the conditions for admitting or retaining students in the institution.
  • The entire amount paid to the school during admission is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • Withdrawal: For withdrawing a student from the school, a month’s notice is to be given or a month’s fee is to be paid in lieu of notice. Those who desire to take Transfer Certificate (TC) are required to clear the whole year’s fees. No TC will be issued until all dues to the school have been paid in full, and then, only on receipt of a written application from the parents or guardians the TC will be issued after payment of the required TC charges.


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Official Statement: 26th January 2019

To the Guardians of Students of Aditya Group of Schools.

We are shocked and embarrassed by the events that have unfolded since we invited you to come and have a look at our plans to improve the level of facilities (both educational & infrastructural) at our school.We have been in the education sector for decades and are fully aware that we have to balance ambition with reality. It is every sincere educational society’s dream to employ and retain the most talented faculty and provide the best facilities (both educational & infrastructural) that our guardians can afford.

Our experience has taught us that when making any improvements or changes that have a financial impact on the families of our students, we have to be both sensitive and sensible.

At Aditya Academy we have always tried to offer the best education & environment at most affordable fee structure and as a result of this we have grown over years to one of the largest school groups in the region with very affordable and low fee structure, maintaining a healthy relationship with all our guardians.

By the closing of 2018, after a research and deliberation period of almost 2 years, we were convinced that our schools needed an overall up-gradation as the conditions in which our students learnt in were no longer at par with demands of time and if not done now, it is our students who will lag behind and will suffer from competitive disadvantage.

We have been sensitive in our approach and therefore we wanted to create an opinion amongst all guardians and not a select few to understand the views of our guardians and then make a formal announcement post analyzing these feedbacks as received from the guardians.

We thus invested into converting a floor in one of our other properties in Dum Dum into a sample floor depicting the transition as thought about, as much as possible. This was done to ensure we don’t have any ambiguity amongst the guardians as to what our thoughts and vision are.

We then invited the guardians to come and look at our proposed improvements in a systematic scheduled manner and informed that we would like to have a meeting to discuss your views together and see how we can work together on improving out student’s education without anyone suffering any hardship and not being left behind.

Important to reiterate here that no formal announcements of any final decision on fee revisions were announced and it remains as a proposal which is being misconstrued & made viral to form an opinion which is far from true. Interested guardians were also forcefully stopped from visiting the sample classrooms for review by certain section of the guardians.

We understand that raising a young family is difficult as we are very much in touch with our local community, because of this we also offer concessions to the deserved students on valid grounds and shall continue to do that as our social obligation.

Being a responsible institution with a proven history of significant work in the community we have played positive roles in the lives of hundreds of thousands people of our society.

This situation obligates us now to consider many things before making a serious decision.

On 24th January 2019 the following things happened -

• Members of our staff including teachers were held hostage.

• They were also subjected to vile verbal abuse, heckling and physical intimidation.

• Forcefully switching off lights & fans multiple times to create panic and pandemonium amongst teachers, other staff and guardians,

• Tampering with CCTV camera to prevent capturing of events.

• Some guardians brought along their children also in the demonstration where unparliamentary and abusive languages were being hurdled across in their presence. This was most unfortunate.

• We were forced into agreeing to certain demands under duress.

These teachers and staffs are the very people who devote their lives to teach your kids; they spend all day with your kids with love & care and are diligently working day in and out to make them educated, sensible and responsible citizens of future.

However what transpired on 24th January 2019, unfortunately taught our students that bullying, becoming aggressive, intimidating and breaking the law are the ways we resolve a dispute. This lesson coming from their own guardians is even more painful.

Our institution has been wrongly abused and been subject to false accusations over the past few days which is very sad and definitely disturbing. If we are guilty of anything today is seeking an opinion from all guardians about the overall improvement of the school on all matters, which is an absolute need of the hour.

Needless to say that their act has left a very bad taste and negative impact on the students who could see how their teachers were made subject to such unruly behaviour by a certain section of guardians from the various media reports out in public domain.

We as an institution stand committed towards the safety and security of our students, teachers, guardians and other staff and shall take all possible measures to ensure that. Any feedback or suggestion or discussion in sensible and constructive manner is always acceptable and we welcome that whole heartedly however any further threat to our students, teachers, other staff and guardians will not be accepted and appropriate measures are being taken to ensure their safety and security to avoid such vulnerable situation in future.

The School Management Committee has taken due cognizance of all that has taken place thus far and understand that guardians are concerned about their children’s safety and security due to this. Rest assured we are taking necessary actions to safe guard the safety, security and interests of the students, teachers & other staff and other guardians so that normal functioning of the school is no more disrupted keeping the School exams including Board Exams in mind.

As a responsible institution, we render sincere apologies to all those people including students, guardians and the neighbourhood who suffered for the road block by some of the guardians and at the same time thank each and everyone who inspite of such unruly behaviour of some, were sensible in their dialogues and ensured no extreme law and order situation was created.

Last but not the least we wish to mention again very categorically that no formal announcement was ever made of any amount of hike. A proposal was shared for opinion from all guardians through an honest & transparent process, which has now been interrupted after such incidents for which the section of guardians who are really interested to know our proposal and vision remain deprived.

We also find too many false reports and rumours being circulated to create unnecessary confusion and further rift, jeopardizing the wonderful relationship we share with the guardians of our school for so many years. We therefore earnestly request all guardians and concerned people to not go by any hearsay or rumors and contact our school authorities for the true picture, which is your right.

Aditya Academy remains committed to the overall development of its students turning them into wonderful human beings and true global citizens.

School Management Committee
Aditya Academy Group of Schools